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“The Haunting Of…”: TV Gets Even Spookier


Let’s be honest-a lot of ghost-related TV is about as scary or thought-provoking as kittens on a comforter. What’s more compelling than real people who tell their own stories, especially when the stories are given a theatrical presentation to allow us to have a glimpse of what they saw and experienced? Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) is showcasing a spectacular presentation from Jarrett Creative Inc. guaranteed to give you the heebiejeebies, as well as  stories that will break your heart. Psychic/medium Kim Russo hosts this exciting show, and every episode is packed with loads of paranormal punch. You can’t help but get pulled into this well-done series, and the people who share their extremely personal connections with the unknown.

Go here to the Lifetime Movie Network’s site for The Haunting Of…

Saturday’s at 8/7pm central.