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burnt offerings
burnt offerings

Burnt Offerings (1976)


Up the ancient stairs, down the twisting corridor, behind the locked door, something lives.

Something strange, something evil, from which no one has ever returned.

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Collectors DVD version

Other versions available.

Rated: PG

Starring Oliver Reed, Karen Black, and Burgess Meredith

Directed by Dan Curtis

Step inside a vacation house of horror in this terrifying thriller that “does for summer homes whatJaws did for a dip in the surf” (The New York Times)! Starring Karen Black, Oliver Reed, Burgess Meredith and Bette Davis, this riveting haunted-house chiller delivers “hidden terrors [that] mount creepily as the film builds to a climax of pulverizing fright” (Rex Reed)! Marian (Black) and Ben (Reed) find it hard to believe that for only $900 they’ve rented a sprawling old country mansion for the entire summer. But as they settle into their isolated estate with their son and Ben’s aunt (Davis), they find themselves surrounded by a living presencean evil, hypnotic, occult forcethat feeds on torture, fear and murder.