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the innocents
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The Innocents (1961)


In Victorian England, a beautiful young governess believes the children in her charge are possessed by evil spirits. One of the most haunting movies ever.


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This is the BluRay version. Other versions available.

NR, but adult content (scary)

Starring Deborah Kerr, Martin Stephens and Pamela Franklin

Deborah Kerr stars in this “horrifying Gothic ghost tale” based on Henry James’ “The Turn Of The Screw,’ a powerful psychological drama about innocence possessed by evil. Shortly after coming to live with orphans Flora and Miles in their dark, eerie mansion, the new governess (Kerr) mistakes their strange behavior for preciousness. But she soon comes to believe that the charming, beautiful children are possessed by evil, malicious spirits – the souls of their previous governess and estate manager who are now dead. With its shocking conclusion and sinister cinematic effects. The Innocents “catches an eerie, spine-chilling mood right from the start” (Variety) that never lets up.