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True Ghost Stories: A House with a Heavy Heart

By Jada G.

A lost husband makes his presence known in a home with a tragic history.


After Rick passed away, maybe 4 months after, I let Darrin move in and rent a room.

A week or so later, about 3:30 in the afternoon, I was just stepping into the shower when I heard the front door open and close, and footsteps walking down the hall.

Thinking it was Darrin, I got out of the shower and got dressed so I could go out and talk with him. Come to find that he wasn’t even home.

I then realized the heavy footsteps sounded just like Rick’s, and he always came home around 3:30.

Another day my friend Mike was using my master bathroom, and as he came out, he was pulling the door shut, but the door was pulling back, as if someone were on the other side gripping the handle.

One nite I was cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the stove, and I took the little plates off the fire thingy.. put ’em back and later went in the kitchen and they were stacked on the counter.

I showed Mike and put them back in place, then later on he went in there and one was back on the counter.


After Rick bought the house, we learned a man had committed suicide in the garage.

A couple had the house built, but the woman got sick and was put in the hospital soon died.

Her husband was so distraught, the same day she died  he came home and pulled the car into the garage, closed the door and left the car running.


I smelled cigar smoke and sweet perfume in the house many times over the years.

I asked the neighbor if the previous owner smoked cigars and he said yes, and his wife was a lawyer and always dressed real nice and wore sweet smelling perfume.


I stood in the living room one day and said, Look, I don’t mind you here, but take the cigars out on the patio. I never smelled them inside again.

I never felt afraid. I just…never did.