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True Ghost Stories: I’m Still Alive


Yuba City, CA

By Amanda J.


My parents live in Yuba City, California, I’ve always thought their house was haunted.

I was sure of it before this happened

I was in high school. I was 16. I was cleaning my room and hanging up laundry and I thought to myself, “It’s warm, I should turn the fan on” as I took off my white cardigan and went to hang it up. It was one of those hanging ceiling fans with the pull cord.

And AT THAT MOMENT, with my back turned, the ceiling fan turned on.

I got scared and I ran into the living room.  I always knew there was something off about the house, but I didn’t have proof until then.

That was the first thing that happened that day.

The second odd event happened later on the same day. That evening, I go into my room to get something. The fan is still on, obviously not by my doing, and the light is off. And since it’s on that setting I have to walk into the room and pull the chain in order for the light to turn on.

I walk into the middle of the room, click it, and the entire glass bulb covering the light somehow comes off, hits me on the head, and shatters into a million pieces.


I’m fine. Not a scratch. I didn’t even feel the bulb hit me, which is weird because it’s really freaking heavy.

My family runs in and I’m standing there, shocked, with glass all around me and I have no idea what just happened.


So that night I’m sleeping, or trying to sleep, but felt as if there was something wrong-that there was something or someone in the room with me.

I open my eyes and there is a ghoulish looking figure, all white, with no eyes, leaning over my body.

I know it sounds like I’m crazing, or I was seeing things or whatever, but it happened. I was there. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced and I know it was real.

You can’t dream up the fear that I experienced.

It looked evil, for sure.

I mean, it had no eyes. Like they had been gouged out of their sockets.


It’s awful for me to go home.

I don’t sleep in that room anymore, thank goodness.  I wouldn’t sleep in it once I went to college so they finally turned it into an office. I’d come home and sleep on the couch.

That whole wing of the house creeps me out. I just get a weird feeling in all of it. The whole house but especially that part.


I finally go to college, and can’t wait, because I’m so freaked out by that house.

I go to bed the first night in my dorm, and in glow-in-the-dark paint, the words “I’m Still Alive” were written on the blinds.