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True Ghost Stories: She’s Looking For Her Son


San Diego, CA

By Kerri K.


It was 1997 and I had just come back home after having been out of the country for a year, and my mom and I decided to get an apartment together.

We settled into the apartment nicely and my mom continued to work the nightshift as the PBX operator at a local hospital. While my mom was at work I would notice strange sounds coming from her bedroom. It sounded like someone rummaging through her closet. I would go into her room, look around and find nothing. This would happen often, and time after time I would check her room to find nobody there and nothing out of place. There were also times when I would be lying on the couch in the living room and I would feel something come from behind me (from the direction of my mother’s bedroom) fly over my head and disappear into the wall that adjoined our apartment to our neighbor’s. I would feel a “whoosh” and open my eyes to see something flying over me that looked like what I can only describe as a long, black, balloon. It wasn’t menacing, I didn’t get a negative feeling from it, but it sure as hell would make me jump. My mom had reported having the same experience as well.

One night I had a friend over and we were lying on my bed, watching a movie. Suddenly the rummaging sounds start up again in my mom’s room, which was next to mine. It sounded like someone frantically shuffling through papers. I, being so accustomed to it, just kept watching the movie. After a minute or so my friend says “Who is in your mom’s room?” and I nonchalantly replied “Our ghost.” He chuckled and said “Shut up. Seriously, who’s in there?” I shrugged and said “I’m not kidding. It’s our ghost.” He just ignored me and started watching the movie again. About five minutes later the rummaging sound started up again. It really sounded like someone in a frenzy, looking for something very important. My friend says “Alright, come on! Who is in there???” I let out a sigh and said “Nobody is in there. It’s our ghost. Go look for yourself.” So my friend gets up, gives me a ‘what are you trying to pull?’ look, and walks out of my room to check it out for himself. I hear him knock at my mom’s door and say “Hello?” I yell from my room “Just walk in, nobody is there.” A few seconds later he comes back into my room, eyes big as saucers, and says “THERE’S NOBODY IN THAT ROOM!” I just shrug and say “I told you.”

One day I had an appointment with a psychic medium who I would go to now and then for guidance. Before I left for my appointment, my mom called and said “Hey! Why don’t you ask Antoinette who is in my room while you’re there.” Thinking it was a great idea I agreed and headed out. Just before my reading was over I said to Antoinette “I have a question for you. My mom and I think we may have a spirit in our apartment. Can you pick anything up on it?” Antoinette concentrated for a minute and then began to tell me about the spirit.

“It’s a young woman. She used to live in your apartment. She was killed in a car accident and she left a young son behind. That’s who she is looking for. She also looks in the apartment next door. She goes back and forth from apartment to apartment. She’s very distraught because she can’t find him. She’s sad. You need to help her cross over.”

Antoinette then told me what I needed to do to help this poor young woman cross over. She said my mom needed to be part of the process as well since we both live there. I bought a pure white candle on the way home, and when my mom got home from work, I explained to her everything that Antoinette told me. We lit the white candle, said some prayers and guided the young woman into the light. After that night we never heard rummaging in the apartment again.

Ok, here’s where it gets (more) weird. About a year later I was at a local bar, talking to a lady who I had just met. She asked me where I lived and I told her the name of the apartment complex. She responded with a shocked “No way! I used to live there too!” Then we figured out that she lived in the apartment right next to mine. Taking a drag off of her cigarette she says “Yeah, it was really sad. There was a young couple who used to live in the apartment you live in. Really nice couple. Had a little boy about 2 or 3 years old. Cute as hell. The mom died in a car accident. So tragic.”